I wanted send a quick thank you for helping me study sign language. I’m an eighth grader and I started learning for my school project and thought it was really interesting. I started searching for more information and your page helped me out a lot. I want to learn sign well enough to have a conversation and I think it would be fun to sign songs too.


My 6 year old daughter and I completed Lisa’s first session class and I am blown away by what she and I learned. I had sign language in high school and and I learned more in 4 sessions then I did in an entire semester in high school. My daughter now loves to communicate with me in sign and the way Lisa teaches it makes it naturally happen. I was very worried she was too young, but after the first class I couldn’t believe what my little sponge learned. Lisa is amazing at what she does. Her sign language technique along with her teaching style is a winning combination. Lisa loves what she does and it comes through in her teaching. Thank you Lisa for sharing your gift with my daughter and I!

Mary I

My 6 year old daughter and I completed Level II with Lisa and it was one of the funnest, memorable bonding things between father/daughter that we have done. She and I continue to do sign back and forth casually in the evening. I would highly recommend that anyone take this class.

Neil H

I took this class with my husband who was doing it because I asked him to but he loved it and always enjoyed going to class. We had kids as well as adults and it was so much fun learning from all.

Lisa M

Lisa is very knowledgeable, caring, and instructs her classes with a self discovery type environment. I would highly recommend anyone to attend her courses of study that are interested in learning and retaining sign language.

Phillip R

I can’t say enough positive things about Lisa’s sign language classes. My two daughters are 11 and 6 years old and they loved every minute spent with Lisa learning sign language. Lisa’s program starts off with a level one course that’s fun for everyone. Whether you’re young or old you have the ability to learn sign language at a simplified level. My daughters were so excited about the opportunity to learn the pledge of allegiance in sign language that they asked their music teacher if they could perform it at the school talent show. It was amazing! My daughters received many complements after the talent show. We can’t wait to sign up for the next level.

Chelsea R

I looked forward to my classes each week because it was fun and exciting to learn a new language. Since sign language is a visual language it especially helped with my challenges with dyslexia.

Laef K

We LOVE Emmadity and Lisa!!! My boys(13 and 4) and I have and still are taking sign classes from Lisa. She makes the learning process very fun for all ages. She also has a high level of patience- my boys learned much quicker than I did so the patience was really for me. lol It has been incredibly fun as a family to practice speaking in sign and teaching my husband and other son what we have learned at Emmadity. Alex, the 4 year old, gets so excited to teach his daddy new signs. We are primarily using what we learn to teach our 1 year old daughter how to communicate her needs through simple sign language. Although she is too young to speak clearly, she is able to let us know what she needs (food, drink, play, sleep, hurt, etc) through her signing ability which she has picked up quickly. The lower level of stress and frustration for her and the rest of us has been a GIFT. Thank you Lisa, for your knowledge, patience and passion for sharing the language of sign with us and our community. I highly recommend Emmadity as a fun way to learn something new together as a family. In today’s age of technology interrupting our family time, it’s so wonderful having a fun and special way to learn and communicate together as a family.

Danette H

The Respite Care Childcare Specialist Staff participated in a sign language training lead by Lisa Stenzel last May.  Our staff had a blast and learned so many new signs.  They are now able to use those ASL skills to better communicate with children at Respite Care. I actually just went back to school this Fall to pursue a sign language interpreter degree and Lisa’s training was very helpful to kick start my knowledge of ASL.

Lyndsi H

Staff Manager, Respite Care

Lisa frequently speaks on tours of our organization about the impact that our programs have on families. When speaking, she is confident, detailed, and well-spoken. Lisa immediately establishes rapport with our guests and helps them feel comfortable. She delivers her information in a way that is relatable and understandable.

Lauren W

Development Associate, Respite Care

“Lisa Stenzel is not only an expert in American Sign Language, she shares her knowledge with enthusiasm and passion. As the Executive Director of Respite Care, I believe that her training is one of the best we have scheduled for our staff of 40 Child Care Specialists. The staff not only learned sign . . . they were motivated to practice and become more fluent.”

LeAnn M

Executive Director, Respite Care