Offering classes in authentic American Sign Language (ASL) for all ages and abilities. 

Ty’s Story

Ty runs. He plays. He cries and laughs and pretends. Ty loves to explore animals and the alphabet in his very own backyard. He is smart, funny and well loved. Ty is like any other boy.

ty-loveExcept he has Down syndrome.

He just doesn’t seem to realize it. And no one else seems to either.

Because we all have disabilities of some sort. Some we see and some we don’t.

Ty is my son. He went through more in his first six months of life than most of us do in a lifetime. He is an inspiration to so many and truly a candle that lights up the world.


Book Series

Apples and Alligators…In the Backyard is Book A in a 26 book alphabet series featuring Ty, the alphabet, his friends, his imagination and of course, his backyard!